Allentown Magnetic Signs

Allentown was founded by William Allen in the year 1762. Allentown is famous for the Liberty Bell; it was hidden in Allentown during the American Revolutionary War. After the construction of The Lehigh Canal, Allentown prospered and became a heavy industrial and manufacturing city. Along with Coal, Iron & Steel Allentown had many Beer factories. Textile and Silk industry also flourished in Allentown. Allentown’s architecture is a mixture of old Victorian and modern row houses. Allentown has a vast sculpture collection and the DaVinci Horse is the most famous among them. Allentown offers a variety of cuisine like Colombian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Lebanese, Portuguese, Puerto Rican etc. but the local residents prefer the German heritage cuisine. Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey and Soccer are the favorite sports in Allentown.

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