Express Your Grateful with Seasonal Thanksgiving Magnets

Thanksgiving is considered widely as a perfect annual moment to express thankfulness and appreciation to God, their parents, families, friends, colleagues, or even to loyal and potential customers. Come homes, gather around, and enjoy hearty feasts – turkeys, pumpkin pies, wines, beers, cornucopia, and other traditional delicacies have been down from generations – are definitely a must.

But, what about adding more unforgettable memory during this signature seasonal holiday by exchanging gifts? This time you may consider giving “Thanksgiving magnets” for your beloved ones and other important individuals. Why? It’s absolutely such a great idea! For, Thanksgiving value magnets can be personalized with unique pictures and messages.

Thanksgiving Magnets

Exchanging presents during Thanksgiving indeed has been a long tradition which preserved until today. So, if you are looking for such an extraordinary gift, Thanksgiving magnets can be a brilliant idea. Some benefits Thanksgiving magnets offer to you:

  • You may customize these magnets with any seasonal greeting or more personalized messages, quotes, and more.
  • Due to their materials, they would be long lasting in usage times.
  • Attractive and well-cherished, more particularly they will display more endearing fridge art ideas.
  • Such perfect gifts for mailer, employee, store promotional efforts, and also party favor options.

Interesting and Creative Thanksgiving Magnet Designs

Similar with other magnetic signs, these Thanksgiving magnets are also available in great variations of themes, shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs.

Wishes Magnets

The most popular magnets for this season, both for personal gifts or more promotional purposes – mailer campaigns, fridge magnets, etc. They can be found in varied shapes like rectangular, oval magnetic signs and round magnetic signs. Of course, they will full or ornate in autumn feels and colors, and other well-known Thanksgiving signature symbols, turkey, pumpkin, cornucopia, and more.

Car Magnets

Show your Thanksgiving greetings, wishes, or advertising with car magnets – deluxe magnetic signs and value car magnets. They will look attractive on the car bumpers while you drive around along the streets or simply park your vehicles at the parking lots.

Save the Date Magnets

You may use Save the Date Magnets with your logo to inform about your plans for Thanksgiving deals, dinner parties, or other events. With this magnets, you can print the date, time, and place of your party or event.


Celebrate the Halloween Spirit with Creatively Car Magnets

Show your festive spirit during this Halloween through your automobile decorative accessories, more particularly with Halloween-themed car magnets!

Jovial Halloween Spirit Car Magnets

Start with your vehicle window. Snatch some amazing Halloween car magnets featuring classic Halloween characters – pumpkins and skulls. You may choose from cheerful orange to spookiest and darkest pumpkins. It is also true with skulls, where undeniably there are countless creative ideas for this theme, horror skulls, sugar skulls, and more.

There are also creepiest zombie magnets for those who love the living dead creatures. A dashing idea can be a zombie or some ugliest zombies are trying to break out from your car! Or, zombie’s bloody arms coming out from your car window are absolutely spooky! Also, you may put such a magnetic car signs that read Zombies on Board!

Vampire, cockroach, flies, ghosts, haunted house, and graveyards are some other freakiest ideas to be applied as your festal Halloween car magnets.

Halloween-Themed Magnetic Car Signs for Your Business

Halloween can be said as the beginning for major marketing holidays for it will be full of holiday season, ranged from Halloween itself, Thanksgiving, up to Christmas. It is also your fruitful opportunity to advertise your business. And you can start with your car!

Car magnets in spooky Halloween spirit are widely believed to be one of powerful advertising tools during these important seasonal holidays. You can use these magnets to promote your business, products, and services. As an example, market your sales with attractive discounts written on your car magnets or other magnetic car signs.

Of course, you may personalize those Halloween-themed car magnets according to your personal preference or business demand. This can be related to the shapes, colors, sizes, and also additional decorative pictures – once again, pumpkins, pumpkin carvings, pumpkin lanterns, scary creatures, superhero, devils, witches, and more.

This idea can be accompanied with other creative and innovative marketing tools. To name some are fridge magnets, business cards, calendar magnets, gift away, Halloween-themed objects, Halloween-themed custom stickers, die cut magnets, and still many more.


Magnetic Car Signs for Your Food Trucks

There is a popular phenomenon of food trucks in big cities where hungry yet hectic people are able to obtain their meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – plus snacks in quick and practical way with no need to hassle. This kind of striking trend is especially targeting urban workers and also university students.

You can find this sort of mobile eating carts moving around the city or having a fixed particular spot. In order to attract their potential customers, these food trucks are usually wrapped in very eye-catching designs and colors as part of their promotional device. Vehicle wraps, car stickers and decals, car window vision print, and magnetic vehicle signs are some of sophisticated options available. In sum, the creative and innovative use of vehicle graphics.

Magnetic Car Signs for Mobile Food Vendors

Advertise your special or franchise delicacies through the application of mobile meal eating ideas. In addition to attractive menu list, magnetic car signs also definitely will play significant role in publicity.

Van magnets

Van is usually bigger than other general average private car. Therefore, it already has a strength point for attracting people with their sizes, also has capability in marketing your food products.

You may apply magnetic car signs – which display your company’s logo embellished with mouth-watering signature foods you make – to cover the entire door or side window, to complete other vehicle graphic wrap designs.

Temporary truck signs

Stick tempting temporary food truck magnetic signs at the sides, back, or doors of your food trucks. In this case, you may customize the size, shape, and also colors according to your personal preference and company’s advertisement plan.

Street food carts

Some combination of vehicle graphics can be applied here – car stickers and decals, vehicle wraps, magnetic car signs, as well as sidewalk signs.


Why choosing magnetic car signs?

  • Budget-friendly, least expensive
  • Easy application and removal for mobile purposes
  • Durable – will not easily slide down, blown off or get lost
  • Flexible and soft, following your vehicle curves without affecting impairment to your car paint

Magnetic car signs are unquestionably such a versatile way to advertise your business, more especially food trucks which are gaining increased popularity in today’s urban lifestyles. Magnetic car signs can be ordered in any quantity and any size. We can include your logo or artwork, or let our artist create something unique for you. Order today!


Magnetic Signs to Advertise Your Business – 7 Cool Tips

Put the power of magnetic signs to promote your business in exceptionally creative ways. From little yet attractive business card magnets to big magnetic vehicle signs, let’s grab targeted customers’ attention! As a start, you may try the following tips, simple to coolest ones, and simply wait for their charming effects.

1. Transform your vehicles into marketing motors

Turn your car into a catchy fleet vehicle with car magnets. Why? Car magnets are easier to stick-and-peel every time you need it or change is required at any second.  Ideally, a car has to be installed with two magnetic signs – on the driver’ side door and on the passenger’ side door. It will assure the visibility from both sides.

2. Daily notices with small magnets

Make sure that your business logo and contact information can be seen at a strategic spot by your customers or clients in daily base. Such a perfect place is the front part of your refrigerator! Having small magnets – fridge magnets – would be brilliant.

3. Keeping track the days

Be the calendar. Absolutely perfect for giveaways, easily applicable, and available in abundant eye-catching design choices. Annual calendar magnets are the answers. Keep the track of important days, game schedules, holidays, and other dates to get along well with your company’s logo or business’ essential info.

4. Unforgettable business cards

Magnetize your business cards! This will prevent those informative professional cards from scattered around or even forgotten. Magnetic business cards will undeniably stick long-lasting on your office filling cabinets, working desks, or even fridge door. They will be in sight.

5. Hard-wearing outdoor magnets

For this particular outdoor usage – side of car, windows, bumper, billboards, sidewalk signs, etc. – you have to consider more premium quality magnetic signs. It is preferable to pick heavy-duty and weather-proof printing materials and processes, thus will keep your magnetic signs still in good or even stand out condition for longer terms. As a reference, you may take into account deluxe magnetic signs or value car magnets, for some examples.

6. The strength of circular shapes

Round magnetic signs or oval magnetic signs would be perfect for this purpose. For rounded corners are able to avoid the winds from “grasping” the edges, removing unattractive dog-eared corners, and warranting your promotions – as well as investments – bear the core elements.

7. Appropriate applications and looking after for extended lasting and profitable signs

Magnetic signs will serve you well or even great for years to come if you pay proper attentions to their installation and maintenance.