Bridgeport Magnetic Signs

Bridgeport city in Connecticut is the most populous. Shipbuilding, whaling and trade were the major industry in Bridgeport.  Slowly Bridgeport diversified to manufacturing sewing machines, brass fittings, carriages, milling machine, brassieres, ammunition and saddles. Many great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President George W. Bush have given speeches in Bridgeport. Connecticut’s largest animal control facility is located at Evergreen Street in Bridgeport. Seaside Park and the Park City are the two large parks in Bridgeport.  The largest zoo in the state is at Bridgeport. There are many museums in Bridgeport which are great tourist attraction. Many movies and T.V. shows were shot in Bridgeport. Major highways, railroads, ferries and airports keep Bridgeport well connected to all parts of the country.

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