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Whether you're starting a new plumbing business or just looking for ways to build your image, our custom magnetic signs will let everyone know who to call when they need a plumber. No matter if you do New Construction, Repiping, Drain Work or Change Out Fixtures, you need to advertise your plumbing business.

Even those who repair sewers or waterline breaks will find our car and truck magnets worth their weight in gold. 

These signs will advertise your services while you drive and on the jobsite. Pick any design below and in just a few clicks, you'll have a new set of signs on the way. We can also create a logo for you. There's no better inexpensive advertising product than vehicle signs.


Size 1 pr. 3 pr. 10 pr.
10 x 18 $39.95 $33.65 $27.95
12 x 22 $49.95 $43.95 $37.95
18 x 24 $66.95 $60.95 $49.95


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