Magnetic Sign & Logo Design Ideas - Carpenters

Capenters, home builders and construction professionals depend on magnetic signs for advertising their businesses. Easy to install and remove, your personal vehicle easily converts to a professional looking work vehicle. Carpentry signs can be made any size to fit onto your car, work truck or van. Don't show up on the job looking like a nobody. Create long lasting name recognition and branding by displaying your identity. As you travel down the road, you will be noticed. Magnetic Signs are inexpensive and effective. If you don't have a logo, try adding a hammer, tools or a house clip art along with your company name and phone number. We have tons of premade template designs that will make designing your signs super easy including tape measure, hammers, clamps, wrenches, tool belt, framing, lumber, carpenters carrying boards and pounding nails and buildinghomes and commercial projects.