About Us was launched in 1997 in the early days of the internet. We envisioned using the web an easy way to order custom signs. Previously you had to visit your local sign guy who probably didn't want to mess with such a small order anyways.

I guess you can say we are one of the early success stories of the web.  We started the business as a way for the wife to be a stay-at-home mom, making a few signs a week. Little did we know what it would become. The operation quickly outgrew our garage and my wife was no longer a stay-at-home mom, but fortunately by that time the kids had gone off to college. Soon after I left the day job to support the effort. Mark Jr. joined us as operations manager after returning from college.

Specializing in printing magnet, much of our equipment was engineered in-house because traditional print equipment and magnets don't play well together. We've perfected a high quality print that will last years on premium Amercan-made flexible magnetic sheeting.

We employ about 20 people including artists, customer service reps, printing machine operators and shipping specialists.

Along the way we've added a few other brands, expanding the business model into other products that can be made using the same efficient workforce. offers a huge assortment of fun and trendy objects to stick on your home or car. Many of our products have been featured on cable tv home decorating shows. has a wide range of sign and banner products that we manufacture for businesses and special events. Whether you need a yard sign or tradeshow display we can help at a price you can afford. is our newest website catering to hoppyist and industrial uses for paper, stencilboard, mylar and magnetic stencils.

Today, we're still the original operators, working from our headquarters in Port Charlotte, Florida under the umbrella corporate name IGOODZ, Inc. (internet goods - get it?) We now have additional production facilities around the U.S. to reduce shipping costs and get your order to you faster. We've made several million magnets - maybe even those on your neighbors car!



Mark Gering
Engineer, Artist and Founder