Care & Instructions

Before You Apply Magnetic Signs
The magnetic sign and metal surface should be clean and dry. In any outdoor application, such as car signs, the metal surface should be waxed.

Application Tips for Magnetic Signs
Magnetic Sheeting holds best to flat surfaces and surfaces with slight curves. When the magnetic signs are placed in the wrong position, remove the sign and realign. Do not pull the magnetic sign to realign when it is against the surface, as the material may stretch due to resistance cause by the high magnetic strength. Make sure the entire magnet is against the metal surface (no air pockets). Do not apply to newly repainted surfaces. Do not apply the signs over sharp creases or moldings.

Cleaning Magnetic Signs
Some moisture and dirt could collect behind magnetic signs. Remove and clean both the signs and the surface with mild detergent and allow both to dry. Repeat cleaning process weekly when used in an outdoor environment. For extra assurance, remove and clean signs daily during harsh weather conditions.

Storing Your Signs when not in Use
The magnetic sheet is more pliable and easier to work with when it is near room temperature when applied. The best way to store magnetic signs is flat or rolled. Never fold the signs. Avoid laying signs on protruding objects. Roll the signs loosely. Save the box the signs were shipped in for storage.